It’ll be worth the wait…I promise


Sorry about this folks, but there won’t be a review this week, I’m currently giving the site a complete overhaul. Trying to figure everything out is proving trickier than I thought, and all the time I usually spend waffling about what I’ve been listening to has been replaced with trawling through “how to” pages on editing wordpress themes.

This also means that I’m going back through my entire archive to redo and adjust all my original posts so they should be just as easy to find as my newer ones. As time has gone on, I found things out and changedthem as I went, unfortunately not being bothered to go back and edit my older work.

Next week (hopefully) will see a shiny new blog that should be easier to navigate, and easier on the eye too. I’ll also be reviewing a podcast that may prove somewhat divisive amongst those of you who read this blog.

Until then, wish me luck, and I pray to the pantheon of design and wordpress gods to play nice and let me get this finished.

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