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Recently, my YouTube algorithm started throwing up cookery channels. This isn’t something I particularly minded, because I’m a massive glutton. I discovered some delicious looking Indian food, and the amazing mother and son team of Chin and Choo Taylor.

Their YouTube channel captivated me as soon as the intro on the first video finished. I have loved to cook Chinese food for a long time, but Ziangs Cookery School (as the channel is called) took my Chinese skills to the next level. This isn’t the high end foodporn found in my Ken Hom cookbooks, but it is very easy, quick, and supremely delicious. When I started following Chin on twitter, I saw that he had a podcast with his mum. So obviously I subscribed.

I’m actually writing this intro before I’ve even listened to a single episode. However it turns out though, I’ll leave this hyperbole here, because I love the Taylor family.

So what’s it about?

This is a real look behind the scenes of Chin and Choo’s world. While their successful YouTube channel focuses on their light-hearted lessons teaching you to cook takeaway meals, this is more of a look into the real lives of business owners in the hospitality sector.

For a few episodes, there are many digressions though, with listener questions often coming out of left field and odd off topic episodes on conspiracy theories for example. This was more a case of finding their feet in the podcast world, throwing ideas at the wall to see what stuck. Whilst they were entertaining enough, I’m glad that they have stuck to food related episodes.

Is it any good?

I find this stuff really interesting. If you were actually thinking of getting into hospitality then I would say this podcast is invaluable. This is a warts and all look at running takeaways and restaurants, and Chin certainly pulls no punches as he tells stories of fussy customers, fake food allergies and actual racism.

If you devour food media as much as I do (pun absolutely intended), then you’ll know about “how stressful yet fulfilling it is” and all that. You never really get to hear about the flipside of that though. Until you listen to this show. Chin and Choo go deep into things that the average customer has no idea about, and that on the face of it may sound trivial. This podcast has certainly given me more of an appreciation of everything that goes into running a takeaway.

 If you just love Chinese cooking then their YouTube channel cannot be beaten. As I said, it has certainly upped my cookery game, and I am happily subscribed to their recipe vault, albeit is a “bronze rice” member. Chin and Choo have decades of experience in the restaurant and takeaway sector, and their insights are certainly as thought provoking as they are funny. I think the only thing as lovable as a happy Chin is grumpy Chin ranting about bad customers.

Here’s where the thinner skinned of you might want to part ways. There’s LOTS of swearing on this show. This doesn’t bother me too much because I think that swearing is funny. I appreciate that some don’t though, so consider this as being “forewarned is forearmed”. I will say that the YouTube channel is 99% clean though, so don’t worry about visiting there.

Final thoughts

This podcast seems to have gone quiet since September last year. While I realise that they are no doubt concentrating on YouTube, TikTok etc. and (hopefully) the business is going well, I really hope they’ll get round to recording more episodes soon.

If you are used to watching their YouTube channel, then you might feel a bit disappointed. This isn’t the jolly cook-along you’ll know and love. Having said that, if that’s what you’re after, then stick to YouTube. Personally, I find this podcast an interesting juxtaposition to the cookery school, and I can’t wait for the next episodes.

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