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I grew up with the stories of Theodor Giesel, a man known to most as Dr Seuss. While they have been a beloved part of my life for nearly half a century, there have been a number of releases in the media of some of his more popular characters which have left me cold.

I was sent the first two episodes of this new show by GreatPods, after I waxed lyrical about my love for Dr Seuss books. I had expressed concern over how I thought this show would turn out given my disdain for the film releases.

So how does this podcast devoted to Whoville’s most unpopular resident fair? Read on and I’ll tell you, but not in anapestic tetrameter.

So what’s it about?

Every episode after some “hijinx”, The Grinch interviews a different person in his own inimitable style. Episode one sees Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson-East, who treats this curmudgeon with good grace. Even her charming personality can’t melt the shard of flint that resides in the Grinch’s chest though (not that you would expect it to).

And that’s as far as I got. As you’ll know doubt know by now, I can quite happily binge an entire series in one go, and I can listen to 8 hours of a show in a day. It took me two goes to make it through one episode of this. I actually had to force myself to go back and finish it just to write this review. I know, I know, I have a ten episode rule. Rules are made to be broken though. Even if there were ten episodes out, I just couldn’t do it this time.

Is it any good?


I was tempted to turn it off after about the three minute mark, but I stuck with it for the full half hour. I had said previously that I was very fussy about these characters. Every film so far has fallen well short in my expectations, particularly The Lorax, which the mere thought of is enough to give me a stress headache.

The Grinch himself sounds like a poor impression of Terry Carnation mixed with Les Claypool. Something that almost instantly added to my dislike of the character. The tired skits before the interview and the practical jokes show there is little originality here, and leaves the interview section almost redundant because the mood shifts to a somewhat more “sensible” tone. This means that its essentially painted itself into a corner, and it does neither very well.

Yes, I am aware that this show is probably for kids. I hope it is anyway. Kids deserve more than this though. So do Dr Seuss fans.

Final thoughts

I try to limit myself to between 500 and 600 words for a review, but I’m finding it difficult to stretch that far. I just don’t like it.

That’s not to say that you won’t like it. You may well have loved the film versions of Dr Seuss’ stories. Did that sound patronising? It wasn’t meant to. But I will say this. If you want your kids to get into Dr Seuss, READ them the books. Particularly The Lorax and Oh The Places You’ll Go. Stay away from the films.

You can get The Grinch here (should you want to):


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