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Who Killed JFK? Review

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In this current climate of suspicion and paranoia, conspiracy theories are rife. Social media has increased the reach of certain ideas, and targeted advertising has influenced us in ways we can’t imagine. This week’s review covers a podcast examining the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories. The assassination of John F. Kennedy.

So what’s it all about?

Everybody knows the story of the assassination of JFK. But do you really?

This series, presented by journalist Soledad O’Brien and filmmaker Rob Reiner, takes a deep dive into the popular narrative you’ve all heard. Told as a mix of narrations by O’Brien and Reiner, archival footage, and interviews both historic and current.

The events that come to light after that fateful day are shocking. The testimonies of people who were there, who investigated, and who were actually involved are hard to ignore. Apart from the fact they were ignored, particularly if they didn’t fit the carefully constructed narrative. Which yes, I know makes me sound all “wake up sheeple” but as the story unfolds, you realise just what the narrative was.

This is more than just a recounting of a tragic killing though. The story actually starts years before and finishes, we’ll, has it really finished? That’s up to you to decide. It has literally shaped people’s lives, and people’s lives were shaped to bring this about. You could argue that every American’s life was shaped very soon after the 22nd Nov 1963, possibly every Russian’s and Cuban’s life too.

When people say they remember where they were when they heard the news, they really weren’t kidding.

Is it any good?

This is a great show indeed. I listened to the whole series in one go. Those who know this blog will know that that in itself isn’t too unusual, but an 8 hour binge is something that shows the quality of the show (I didn’t even have my usual 10am radio break either).

There is plenty here that the casual fan of history (or conspiracy theories) will love. There’s lots of old ground covered, but there’s enough juicy stuff to keep you listening to the whole lot. Personally, I am rather ambivalent when it comes to the “conspiracy du jour”, whatever it may be. The evidence presented here is compelling though, and whether you believe it or not, I would recommend a listen.

Both Reiner and O’Brien are great presenters, and while I must admit that I can’t think of Rob Reiner without thinking of Spinal Tap, this is a great facet of his career that I have thoroughly enjoyed. His passion for this project is real, and from the outset he discusses how he started researching this subject.

Final thoughts.

Conspiracies are something that most people have strong feelings about, one way or another. While a lot of them do seem ridiculous, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no such thing as a cover up. As I said at the outset, this is the OG conspiracy theory and as such, it seems rather mundane by today’s standards. That’s what makes it compelling though.

There is one thing that really bugs me about the myriad of conspiracy theories now. If they are true then how come the shadowy organisations don’t just make those pesky whistle blowers disappear? Unfortunately that is just what happened in this story. Not only that, but nearly everyone involved has died, one way or another. That also lends a compelling credence to the story.

Is it true? Well, that’s up to you isn’t it? Believe it or don’t. Belief doesn’t change history.

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  1. I listened to Reiners podcast, eager for the next episode. unfortunately, I think his conclusion Lacks. There are a number of people who keep coming up amongst conspiracy theorist on JFK. Charles Harrelson, Woody father and one of the “3 Tramps” arrested minutes after the Assasination is one. James Files claims in his book that He fired the shot from the Grassy Knoll. Now , one person on Files team was Nicoletti, one of four of Reiners shooters! And Mac Wallace, whose fingerprint was found on The Box that the Assasin used from the sixth floor of the TBDB. Wallace was Lyndon Johnson’s hit man for at least 14 years, look it up. So, Reiner could have said,” Mac Wallace, no, for these reasons. Charles Harrelson , No, for these reasons. James Files, No, for these reasons”. So, I am NOT satisfied, based on Episode 10, I give it 3 stars out of 5.

  2. Knowing our country continues today their assassinations and coverups I want to vomit. At 12 years old I saw the country and world shaken. After listening to the podcast I will go to my grave with closure of who killed JFK.

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