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Tying in rather nicely, albeit unintentionally (but then that’s the nature of synchronicity isn’t it) with last week’s post I am going a tad more serious with this one. I say a “tad”, because today’s review doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I only discovered this show a few eeks ago when I was scrolling Twitter, and saw a post by host Brent Lee about the structure of the World Trade Centres. So of course, I immediately subscribed, and about 15 minutes into the first episode, this podcast had already jumped to the top of my review list.

So what’s it about?

In each episode, the hosts Brent Lee and Neil Sanders take a deep dive into a subject beloved of conspiracy theorists. From David Icke’s royal reptilians to COVID vaccines, to Jeffrey Epstein to climate change.

In the earlier episodes they are joined by guests and they examine the aforementioned conspiracies. The later episodes are almost solo efforts. There is a huge series by Neil Sanders on Cambridge Analytica that covers the COVID lockdown, the recent elections and data mining. Brent Lee’s episodes on the Grand Conspiracy Myth are also brilliant, and while they are a touch more serious than Neil’s output, they are no less entertaining and infuriating in equal measure.

The early episodes follow the same format each time. The first half of the show, the guests and the host discuss that shows topic from the perspective of the conspiracy. The second half of the show dismantles each point with evidence and critical thinking. The later ones are really just the hosts presenting former blog posts in an audiobook style.

Is it any good?

These are not bitesize episodes by any means. They regularly clock in well past the 90 minute mark, but then I would prefer it that way. These are subjects that should not be glossed over. Whereas conspiracy theories are often reduced to soundbites and memes, the counter arguments have to be watertight.

This fact means that each episode is a weighty undertaking. This isn’t some breezy podcast that you can drop in and out of. It requires a fair amount of concentration to get through, only because the detail requires it. This is quite easy thankfully, due to the fact that both the hosts and the guests are entertaining to listen to. The generous sprinkling of humour throughout also helps stop this just being a stuffy lecture.

These episodes are quite literally lessons in critical thinking. There is a great deal of history, psychology and even virology crammed in to each subject. The interview and subsequent debate featuring “Swaledale Mutton” is an outstanding example of that. The main thing that I think is important to mention, is that at no point to Brent or Neil say “There is no such thing as a conspiracy” . To do that is ridiculous. The point of this podcast is that yes, conspiracies are real, but they are not in the places most people look. Listen to the Cambridge Analytica series for proof of that, just dont blame me for any dental damage from gnashing you teeth.

It’s funny because it’s true

Final thoughts

Due to the uptick in the popularity of conspiracy theories and right wing propaganda on social media in the last 4 or so years, I would say that this podcast is absolutely essential listening. Despite the episode length, I can really see myself going back and listening to some episodes more than once.

This is a review I tried really hard not to get all ranty about. Not because I don’t believe what the guys say, but because I know so many people who despite preaching “do your own research”, do the exact opposite and seem to thrive on the very same confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance that they sneer at “the sheeple” for believing in. There were many times during these episodes I actually got angry, not at them, but the fact that critical thinking and common sense seem to have fallen so far from the norm. Their arguments make sense, and they have the paperwork to back it up. As I type this last section I realise I may sound as fanatical as the most paranoid conspiracy theorist. This is a fact that is causing me some stress.

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