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Into the Dirt review

Production company – Tortoise Media

Rating –

Into The Dirt logo

Another release day special here, whilst I could have put this one off until next Sunday, I really didn’t want to. I got sent the first three episodes of a brand new series from Tortoise media, that at first seemed intriguing. And also meant it went straight to the top of my listening pile.

So what juicy morsel have Tortoise released for me to sink my teeth into this time? It’s a very strange story of double crossing, espionage and covert deals. The protagonist is also a very unlikely character.

So what’s it about?

Rob Moore gained fame in the 90s as producer of epic satire shows like Brass Eye. With an inherent mischievous attitude, and an ability to talk people into saying anything he wanted (I mean literally anything. Have you ever watched the “cake” episode of Brass Eye?).

Brass Eye imploded after a mass outcry caused by the release of the episode on paedophilia. Chris Morris went on to be just as satirical and subversive directing films like Four Lions, but Rob Moore found himself without anything to do. As the saying goes “the devil makes work for idle hands”, so what did he have in store for Rob Moore?

After trying his hand at a few unsatisfying enterprises, he was approached to become a part of the world of “corporate intelligence”. To all intents and purposes, a spy. This seemed like a perfect job for someone who was used to talking his way into (and out of) bizarre situations. He was good at it too. Until he was tasked with infiltrating an environmental campaign group who wanted to outlaw the use of asbestos.

He soon found himself at odds with his Buddhist beliefs. His need to “turn poison into medicine” played on his mind constantly and he decided to turn on his employers and blow the whistle on this shady world. Or did he?

Is it any good?

It’s by Tortoise Media. Of course it’s good. I can’t really find fault with anything I’ve heard here (so far). And unless something drastic happens, then this will be another epic story by those investigative journos over at Tortoise. To quote another overused phrase, “truth is stranger than fiction”. As anyone who has listened to series such as Londongrad or Hoaxed will testify, this is absolutely true. Into The Dirt is no different.

I usually struggle to try and avoid spoilers in my reviews. In this case it isn’t too hard. Today, when this show goes on release, Tortoise Media subscribers will automatically be one episode in front of me, so there is nothing that will be any surprise. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can still get the first two episodes immediately.

I think that anyone who loves tales of intrigue and espionage will love this show.

Final Thoughts

This is another outstanding podcast from Tortoise Media. I’ve been a fan of them since Londongrad launched, and as soon as a new show comes out it jumps to the top of my listening pile immediately. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of a new show.

I always tend to roll my eyes when podcasts give a trigger warning (not that this one does have one). I guess I’m not easily upset. This series did get to me though. Before I was born, my father worked with asbestos and he died of cancer related to it. Hearing Harminder describing her father’s illness did get to me, as it was an all too familiar memory.

The only thing I can complain about is that I’ve only got the first three episodes to listen to. I could have got through the whole series in one sitting. But I guess I’ve been spoiled with whole shows on pre-release to binge, and this is so good that I was left wanting.

As I look back through my other reviews in preparation to finish this one, I realise I havent reviewed Londongrad yet. Rest assured I’ll be making a space in my schedule to amend that grevious mistake asap.

You can get Into The Dirt here:


Or wherever you get your podcasts

Agent of chaos

Hoaxed review

Production company – Tortoise Media

Rating –

Hoaxed logo

When it comes to factual podcasts, there are a few big players. Pushkin Industries is the one that immediately springs to mind, but one I was unaware of until relatively recently was Tortoise Media. I first heard of them when the presenter of the excellent Londongrad podcast was interviewed on the radio. That particular series blew my mind, so when I saw this podcast advertised, I dutifully subscribed.

So what’s it about?

Two children spoke out and told a story about how they were abused by satanists. These otherwise normal children recounted horrific crimes including cannibalism, sexual abuse and murder. The perpetrators of these despicable acts included local clergy, parents and school teachers. This may sound like something from 17th century New England, but this happened in 2014. In London.

As news of this spread all over the world, tempers flared in those who look to get angry about such things. People came to Britain to try and get “justice” for the children, and uncover the high-level conspiracy of silence. Could this be final proof of the global cabal of the reptilian overlords child trafficking?

Well no. The problem is that it was all a hoax. And this is where the real story starts. What possessed (pun slightly intended) two children to accuse innocent people of such awful crimes? And more to the point, how did this outlandish tale get so much traction? This is the point of the podcast.

As the series progresses, the truth comes to light, and the real people pulling the strings are exposed, as is the long lasting damage they caused to innocent people.

Is it any good?

In cases like this, I’m almost hesitant to say that it’s good. The facts behind the story are awful, and the emotions of (almost) everyone involved is apparent. For this reason, I would put it in the same league as Hunting Warhead. Hoax or not, this isn’t really a series to listen to if you’re triggered by such things. 

However, what is good is everything else. The research and journalism is faultless. The real need to try and get the reasons for the whole debacle, whether a fool’s errand or not, is absolutely necessary, and it is quickly becoming a Tortoise Media trademark.

Final thoughts

There seems to be a glut of “satanic panic” podcasts recently, and I will be carrying on this thread soon enough. I find it fascinating how otherwise rational people can get so fixated on what is nothing more than medieval grade religious hysteria. Not only that, but the actions of a few can convince so many into believing such things.

Another thing that is apparent in these cases is the real disregard for the very real harm done to people who get caught up in the furore. Mud sticks, and to be wrongly accused of anything, let alone such hideous crimes is not something I can fathom dealing with.

Tortoise Media is really producing some amazing content at the moment, and I can’t wait for the next story. 

You can get Hoaxed here:


Or wherever you get your podcasts.


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