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Rating – 4 brains

In the last 20 years or so, there are few public figures as divisive as Alex Jones. His “coverage” of major tragedies and political events in America have turned a whole swath of the population on to conspiracy theories, and despite most of them being proved to be false, his influence only seems to grow. When you couple that with his claims that some very real tragedies were somehow fake, you can see why he is certainly polarising in the public eye.

It was, therefore, only a matter of time until someone made the show I’ll be reviewing today. So, dear friends, wash a handful of colloidal silver and male virility supplements down with four fingers of wild turkey and strap yourself in for a truly eye opening experience.

So what’s it about?

Knowledge Fight dissects episodes of Alex Jones’ show Infowars with all the glorious contempt it deserves. The podcast is presented by Jordan Holmes who knows nothing about Alex Jones, and Dan Friesen who does. Dan does the research and distils each episode of Infowars into bite size chunks that are summarily analysed and (usually) mocked. The general format is that Dan will cover the basic premise of that IW episode. He then plays clips that cover all the ramblings, tangents and slurs that Alex engages in. Jordan offers comments in the form of shrieks of disbelief, and hyena like laughter. Somehow a podcast is crafted from this strange lump of sonic clay.

Infowars itself covers such a wide range of controversial ideas that the episodes of Knowledge Fight rarely disappoint. And on any fronts you care to mention, most of Alex’s opinions are summarily debunked by the guys in the studio. There are many points to debunk. From contradictions, sometimes only minutes apart, to random phonecalls telling of disasters (that obviously aren’t happening) to the mysterious “informants” in various areas of govenrnment that only Alex has access to. Thankfully Dan has done enough research on conspiracy theories in general, and Alex Jones in particular, that he is perfectly placed as a voice of reason that keeps this particular ship on course.

This podcast holds a mirror up to Alex Jones and shows him to be the ridiculous clown he is. I may come across as rather bitter and personal insulting him like this. If you have heard any of his shows though, then you’ll know that he frequently uses far worse insults than this on people who either point his errors out, or sometimes simply disagree with him.

Is it any good?

The only downside is Jordan laughing like a drain at some of the more “robust” opinions Alex decides to share. This isn’t something that only I noticed. He is quite often told to “put the microphone down” before certain clips get played. He is also prone to taking over the clips, which ironically is something Alex Jones does a lot of as well. A point that doesn’t go unnoticed by Dan.

Because IW goes out on a very regular basis, there are a lot of Knowledge Fight episodes. 936 over 7 years as I type this in fact. I have only just got to episode 10, so like LPOTL, and other long running podcasts, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

You could, I suppose, take a rather highbrow position, and take all of Alex’s facts apart in a scholarly manner. This is a comedy podcast though. So instead it is loud, busy and (due to the wine the guys are getting through) somewhat “loose”. Whereas podcasts like SDCIC are very, very in depth and happen to be funny, this podcast is funny first and foremost.

Final thoughts

I was never a fan of Info Wars. Indeed, I had only a passing knowledge of Alex Jones. I heard him interviewed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, back before I knew any better. Even then he just seemed rather silly. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Rogan found it immensely funny to let him get drunk and wind him up on air. It turns out that Alex Jones’ actual show is essentially the same thing. He gets drunk and winds himself up.

As I said earlier, this review is based on the first 10 episodes, so the format may have changed. Obviously I’m not up to date with it. So maybe this review is only accurate for someone just getting on this crazy conspiracy ride. Or maybe it isn’t. With long running shows like this, I get a real FOMO, so I don’t like to skip too many episodes.

I’d recommend this podcast over the actual IW show. I don’t wish Alex Jones on any right minded person, and Dan will forever earn my respect for listening to this dross so I (and you) don’t have to.

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